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  2. TEMPS’ Hummingbird Logo (process)

    I recently made a project for 

    The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store (The Smell Bar of Vanishing Scents)

    T.E.M.P.S., which is French for “time”. The perfume line consists of eight scents: Coasts, Coffee, Honey, Wine, Eucalyptus, Peanuts, Ice, and Hardwood trees.

    The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store's logo is a hummingbird, the only bird that can fly backwards and thus is a symbol for humans to look back. 

    For this logo, Catherine Sarah Young (project author of The Apocalypse Project) asked for my help in designing the hummingbird logo for the bottle labels. This was my process:

    Draft - Lines of Hummingbird logo

    Version 1 - Colored version of Hummingbird logo

    Version 2 - Black version of Hummingbird logo

    Version 3 - Gold version of Hummingbird logo

    Frame designs

    Final Design

    The hummingbird is a fascinating bird. It is capable of the most amazing feats despite its small size, such as traveling great distances or being able to fly backwards.

    The hummingbird symbolizes many different concepts. Because of its speed, the hummingbird is known as a messenger and stopper of time. It is also a symbol of love, joy, and beauty. The hummingbird is also able to fly backwards, teaching us that we can look back on our past. But, this bird also teaches that we must not dwell on our past; we need to move forward. When the hummingbird hovers over flowers while drinking nectar, we learn that we should savor each moment, and appreciate the things we love.

    When I was tasked to make a hummingbird logo, I immediately knew how I wanted it to look. Most of the hummingbird photos on the net are facing to the sides showing off its long beak. But I wanted this hummingbird to look at you, the viewer and tell you that it is never too late to save our wonderful planet, to enjoy the sweetness of life, lift up negativity wherever it creeps in and express love more fully in your daily endeavors. “It is not too late!” it says.

    We wanted to add a twist in the design to add a bit of story. By adding gears, a turnkey, top hat, goggles and pocket watch, it gave the hummingbird a character and made our bird look mechanical to match it in our scientific and technological theme.

    We try to avoid looking too much steampunk but added only a few elements for a “steampunk”-ish feel to the project, According to James H. Carrott: It’s about taking the things that we have around us, the past, the technology, the objects and the ideas that we have around us, and messing with them, turning them on their heads, twisting them around and telling new stories with them.

    I inverted the clock to make the clock look like it’s running backwards, as we are trying to preserve the beauty of our planet in Apocalypse Project.

    I enjoyed doing this project!

    The Apocalypse Project is a speculative design research inquiry that explores our possible lifestyles as climate change continues to affect the planet. It is a creative platform that asks specific questions about our environmental futures. 

    This project is authored by Catherine Sarah Young. She began this as part of the 2013 Art Science Residency Programme in partnership with the ArtScience Museum™ at Marina Bay Sands, Tembusu College National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Singapore-ETH Centre’s Future Cities Laboratory. She is currently in Manila as the artist-in-residence of The Mind Museum expanding the project.

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